About our online store

Office Supply Wholesalers, (OSW) the online store of Inter-Business Enterprises (IBE).

IBE was founded in 1984 to bring expertise and professionalism to the distribution of office supplies throughout the Caribbean and selected countries in Central, South America, as well as our local market in Dade County Florida and now in the United States of America. Since our inception the company's reputation for expertise in the International Market has contributed to its phenomenal growth in sales and territory serviced. IBE is firmly committed to the provision of prompt, responsible, courteous service to our customers.

Sales & Service

IBE/OSW has been successfully supplying customers with business equipment, office supplies Medical School supplies and other products for years. By establishing a global network of agents, Inter-Business Enterprises has assured its large and varied customer base the finest in sales, that any company can offer. Our customers range from small business owners and stationers to government institutions, banks, public utilities, Schools Universities and major corporations. Because of our customer diversity we are also very diverse in our service. Our main distribution center is strategically located in Miami, Florida USA. Our real-time interlinked computer network gives us access to thirty-six distribution warehouses throughout the United States, which allows us to provide the fastest, most economical service with the highest fill rates available, throughout the United States of America.

Shipping & Consolidation for Export Customers

IBE/OSW has large warehouses and already consolidates cargo for many of its customers at phenomenal savings for them in freight and handling costs. It is also easier to catch mistakes from other suppliers at the Miami end before products are shipped to the customer in the country of destination. Miami is logistically the best point of shipping to the Caribbean and South America. Cargo as well as heavy/expensive equipment can be stored in Miami and sent out in the best possible mix and the best possible shipping rates. Because we have been serving the Caribbean islands and South America for over 35 years, we have a competent understanding of the islands/country as a group, as well as individually. We ship every day and know the customs & import regulations of each island/country. Special export documentation.

Special Purchasing

IBE/OSW service is very special. Because each customer's needs are different, we take pride in our ability to be flexible without compromising quality. Our customers have the convenience of being able to purchase and consolidate unrelated product from numerous suppliers. We also offer a buying service for hard to find and unusual items. A short list of some of the items that we have supplied in addition to our standard product lines this year have included:

  • Medical School supplies
  • Building materials
  • Airconditioning Equipment and supplies
  • Restaurant supplies
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Packaging material and machines
  • Tents
  • Telephone poles
  • Advertising specialties
  • Mill equipment
  • Lab Equipment & Supplies
  • APC UPS & Back Up
  • JANSAN- Janitorial & Sanitary Products
  • Safety Shoes and Uniforms

Product Base

  • Copiers, Printers and Multifunctional Machines for all brands
  • Typewriters Point of sale Systems and Calculators
  • General Office Supplies & furniture - We have our own 1000 plus page catalog. Office Supply Wholesalers, our online catalog. In addition to our catalog offerings we do special purchasing to provide literally everything the office needs.
  • Computer and Supplies – All Brands
  • Paper, disposable products, Cleaning Supplies etc.

Main Office & Warehouse is located at:

Inter-Business Enterprises, Inc.
11921 SW 130 Street, Suite 402
Miami, FL 33186 USA

Tel: (305)378-9696
Fax: (305)378-9690